The Year That Was 2018.

HNY. Happy New Year 2019. I'm saying this for holiday's sake but I'm somewhat a Grinch when it comes to festivities ever since my father died. Still not over it though but I'm keeping a good face and trying to live in the present. Anyways, I fell short from my goal of reading 40 books … Continue reading The Year That Was 2018.


October 2018 Books Read

Note: This is a late post that I've put on hold for quite some now but I'll retain the original content even if it's no longer timely. Time and again,I always think how time flies so fast that I donΒ΄t even remember what transpired in the month of October. My fondest October 2018 memories include … Continue reading October 2018 Books Read

April to June 2018 Books Read

The months of April, May, and June are grueling and rewarding at the same time because I've learned new skills, met new people, and spent resources on many things. I really need to approach life with more sense of urgency and motivate myself to embrace change. Anyways, I just finished my skill classes this week … Continue reading April to June 2018 Books Read