Cafe Visit: Old Street Cafe

Update: Old Street Cafe has recently closed down. 😦 I've noticed this coffee shop since I last visited (rather forcefully invited myself) a friend residing nearby but I never got the chance to visit until a workmate brought me here. My long-time interest for this place was finally fulfilled upon entering this cozy haven. It feels … Continue reading Cafe Visit: Old Street Cafe


Cafe Visit: BarakoHaus Cebu

Are you looking for an affordable and comfortable coffee shop in Cebu City? Try BarakoHaus Cebu. In one of our offsite session, a workmate recommended this place and their refillable Barako coffee got me. BarakoHaus' coffee starts as low as Php80.00 refillable and can be served iced or hot. They also offer other coffees made … Continue reading Cafe Visit: BarakoHaus Cebu