July 2017 Books Read

July was a productive month and I’ve started a personal project of giving books in rural areas in our province together with my close friends. It started with a simple conversation with a child and from there we’ve had two events to date. I’m very optimistic with this mission to instill the value of reading to kids who have limited access to books. I’m praying that we’ll be able to get donations or sponsorships in the future.

So here are the books I’ve read last month:

Majority of the books I’ve read are children’s books and nine are locally published by Lampara Books. I’ve enjoyed reading these books and donated it to the kids in a mountainous area. Chu’s First Day of School by Neil Gaimanย is a book I gave to my nephew. Atul Gawande’s Being Mortalย is a personal book for me that helped me understand more about life and mortality. David Sedaris’sย Theft by Finding is the author’s diary entries since he struggled to make both ends meet until he became a well known writer.

I hope I’ll be able to read more books this month of August and refrain from buying more books. The last thing I want is to hoard books and not read them.



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