WordPress Reminder of My 3rd

Today I am reminded of my 3rd year with WordPress. My notification says “Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!” and I find it sad to celebrate it. Do we have to be happy for anniversaries? There are all sorts of anniversaries and I don’t think “happy” is an appropriate word to use for it.

For me, anniversaries reminds me of how complicated our lives are and regardless of it we’ve survived it. It’s something to be pondered on to improve an aspect of our lives. Maybe for others it’s something to be celebrated but for me its something else. Still, I’m glad that WordPress reminded me of this. I have’t been looking forward to anniversaries though but I wished to continue sharing my thoughts even if no one else reads this.

I’d probably preferred thank you instead of happy to be celebrating my 3rd with WordPress. So there, my thoughts may not be same as yours but let me be. Thank you!


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