TV Series: Stranger Things Season 1

Disclaimer: Photo grabbed from IMDB website.

It was out of sheer curiosity that I decided to watch Stranger Things on Netflix (thanks for the one month trial, Netflix). I was comfortably laying on my side in our living room streaming episode 1 of this hit TV series when I didn’t notice that I was surprisingly enjoying this show. Mind you, I’m not a fan of TV series and definitely not the suspense genre but I was really blown away by this show and I’ve got five (but I’ve got more than that though) reason why this made me changed my mind about TV series.

  • WINONA RYDER. I love Winona Ryder (ironically, I haven’t seen all her films) and her performance as Joyce Byers was out of the roof. She was really brilliant as a hysterical mom who seems crazy talking to the lights as her son. She won me over with her determination to get her son back even if no one believes her. Proof?
  • Every character shone in Stranger Things, well except Barb. Sorry Barb, you may have limited screen time but your death was without naught. Nancy Wheeler must definitely pay for your death if ever you’ll come back on Season 2. I hate Nancy’s character but she was essential in theorizing some things about the Demogorgon. I can relate with Jonathan Byer’s character and its just painful to see him crushing on Nancy but the bitch rekindled with Steve.
  • I’d love to live in Hawkins, Indiana WITHOUT the Demogorgon. I love the great outdoors, skyhigh trees, dark places, name it. But please, I don’t want any monster. Spare me, nooooooo.
  • Eleven is totally a badass character and she’s just 11? or 12? Haha. Remember Matilda? She also has telekinetic ability and I’d always wanted to have that kind of power. I even practiced bending a spoon using my mind but it didn’t work. I wonder why. Nuff said, but just check out the GIF below to see how cool Eleven is.
Photo grabbed from the Internet (Google is so useful)
  • Non-linear storyline. Will’s sudden disappearance, Eleven’s sudden appearance definitely set the story for me. It made my brain run amok asking where the hell Will went? Is he alive or dead? And where did Eleven came from and what the fuck is she doing in this show? Thankfully, Wikipedia answered my queries. One thing I hate, it’s being surprised.

There you go, if you crave for mystery and suspense you definitely need to watch Stranger Things. It’s still available for stream on Netflix. I’m not sponsored but that’s where I saw the whole season.




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