Cooking (and Eating) Class in Bangkok

It was fun to experience cooking my own Thai food for half a day. There are many cooking class offered by different schools in Bangkok but I chose Silom Thai Cooking Class based from Trip Advisor. We had agreed with a meeting place and I got lost going there so I broke into a run and got sweaty along the way but I arrived on time (lucky!).

The cooking experience starts with a mini market tour. Some of the ingredients are found in the Philippines but some of them I don’t see such as the finger ginger, thai coriander, and more. The class of 10 students will have to walk a bit to reach a cozy house and rest a bit while the ingredients and place are being setup. The food is prepared and eaten in the first floor and it is cooked in the second floor.

Our teacher, Koong (I forgot her name but she likened it to shrimp) was very patient with us in explaining that Thai food is about the smell thus the use of many spices. She further adds that it isn’t Thai food without fish sauce or spicy. Silom Thai Cooking Class offers numerous menu depending on each day. You don’t have to be a cooking expert to enjoy cooking Thai dishes.

If you are in Bangkok, I definitely recommend enrolling yourself in a cooking class. You’ll definitely enjoy cooking and eating your dishes. I had so much fun and my stomach was so full afterwards. It was definitely worth the money I paid.


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