Juan Miguel Severo in Cebu JULY 30


To be honest, I became a fan of Juan Miguel Severo when he starred in On the Wings of Love, a Filipino romantic-comedy series. I already saw his viral video “Ang Huling Tula Na Isusulat Ko Para Sa’Yo” but it wasn’t until he performed more of his spoken words on television that I became more enamored with his performance. So it was no surprise that I immediately bought a ticket when I heard that he’s going to perform in Cebu.

And he was definitely worth it and more! I wish I could have more battery juice with me or I was seated at the front so I could have gotten a good view and shoot videos of him. Alas! I wasn’t that lucky that day so I content myself with listening and watching. Still, his powerful performance etched in me and I will not forget how well he captured the audience with his emotions and words.


If he comes back again, I’ll pay more to watch him in the front seats. One thing I admire of him though is his humility. Despite becoming a rising star in the field of spoken words, he remembers where he is from and who he is. Juan Miguel “Gege” Severo is one artist to look out for in the future. Stay grounded kiddo and don’t let fame ruin you.



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