Film Review: Me Before You (2016)



Disclaimer: Be warned, this film review contains spoilers. Read it to your discomfort.

The biggest disappointment in life is to have expectations. It just happened to me and it left me feeling sad. I had high expectations of getting emotional in watching this movie, like literally crying and wiping my sober face with a very wet hanky and after the movie I’ll get reddish and puffy eyes. But nah that never happened and I felt stupid in the end because I was preparing myself for that big blow and it never came.


Well, that high expectation came from reading the book in just three days and I had lost sleep and bodily fluids from being a cry baby (also add into the scene my very sad piano playlist, thank you Yiruma while reading the book). Stupid me, I never learned my lesson. I am fully aware that the book and the movie are from different perspectives, the latter is from the director’s viewpoint and the former from the author herself (Jojo Moyes, ladies and gentlemen!).

I tried to let go of my author’s viewpoint but it’s so damn difficult to separate myself from what I’ve read. Scenes play out while the movie is watching but I’ve learned to curb down my enthusiasm of pointing out the differences but my mouth won’t cooperate at times. Damn. From the director’s viewpoint, Me Before You turned into a light movie instead of focusing on the drama (which I strongly craved).

The emotions run amok and I can’t get myself into the scene wherein Louisa confronted Will’s decision to continue his original plan of assisted suicide (surprise,surprise). That scene was shot horribly (this is my opinion, back off!) and it was supposed to be an epic scene. I felt the “kilig” in the beard shaving scene, post orchestra scene (inside the car), Mallorca trip, and wedding scene (not their wedding though). I craved for more. MOARRR!

But it lacked drama, sob. (FYI, the cafe is playing “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran while I’m writing this. Oh my emotions! Goddamn hormones, you!). I really am a sucker for melodrama and I did not expect that they chose not to focus on the dramatics (which is also a good thing as well) and instead they focus on the rebirth of Louisa Clarke’s character who is now in Paris reading Will’s last letter and his last will for her. The feels!

I do recommend this movie still (hey, I love the soundtrack) but if you’ve read the book, don’t get your expectations up high and just enjoy the moment and don’t think too much. Ok?. Good. I’m done blabbering here.




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