A Month of Without (May 2016)


So last month, I took up the challenge of no sugar but it turned out catastrophic. The first few days were good but then I came to realize that drinking instant coffee has sugar on it. Therefore, I already failed on that. Nonetheless, I tried to think that sugar meant not eating candies, chocolates and the rest of sweets but I felt like a cheater. Let’s face it, sugar is everywhere! It’s mixed in bread, instant coffee, and even in viands.


There are definitely alternatives to it but the question is, do I have the resources for the additional expenses? Truth be told, it would be an outright NO. Also giving up sugar is a broad topic, I need to specify which sugar stuff I had to live without to thereby narrow down my choices and make the challenge a bit doable.

Sadly, I failed on this challenge. For now, I am not ready to give up on it. Possibly in the next few months or so but not sugar altogether. Sigh. Still it was worth the try.

Up next: June 2016 – Live a month without coffee (cross fingers on this)


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