Beyond Books (May 2016)

Beyond Books Poster

I recently joined the basic watercolor workshop last Saturday, May 7th at the Cebu City Public Library as the opening session of Beyond Books event. It was a memorable experience learning the basics together with kids and adults alike. Childhood memories of my summer art class back in elementary rush into me as the joy of learning watercolor engulfed me. What-if thoughts also filled my mind if I’d chosen to pursue the field of art when I was young. Alas, I would have to revert those thoughts on another post and focus on Beyond Books now.

My work of artย ๐Ÿ™‚

Beyond Books is an event organized by a friend/workmate in partnership of major sponsors (see official poster above) with the objective of promoting the public library to people. For the three Saturdays of May (May 7th, 14th, and 21st), the library will be witness to events such as watercolor workshop, storyboard workshop, poetry reading, book swap,a and more. If you live within the vicinity or within Cebu, I highly encourage you to join as it is a fun experience. Take it from my experience.


Truth be told, the last time I’ve been to the library was way back in high school or college so that was almost a decade ago. Ever since then, the public library feels like a depressing place to be becauseย the Cebu City public library reminds me of dark caves and antiquated books. Well, the years has been good with the library because it now looks modern and upbeat. It’s more well lighted and offers more resources. I’m planning to get my own library card from them probably this Saturday so I can start lending books.The rest of the workshop where also fun to join in but I had to go for another appointment.

IMG_20160507_134355 (1)
Inside the library

For me, the event is already a success on its own because of its objective. Rarely do you see workshops or literary activities organized and held in public library here in Cebu. It’s a big leap to promote our own public library to the youth and even to professionals as well. My long term wish for the public library is that they will learn to embrace technology soon because public libraries abroad have already paved way to lending e-books. How awesome is that!

Also, that more people will come and visit the public library and Beyond Books will continue to be an annual event moving forward.ย Know more about this event from this link and on their Facebook event.


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