Update: A Month of Without (March & April 2016)


As promised, I will give you an update on my personal project of a month without which I started last March. March wasย a month without social media specifically Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I can say it was partially successful because I frequently watched Instagram accounts of my fandom using the browser but I did succeed in not uploading or updating my accounts for a month. That month made me realize that I can still live without social media and life is better without it because now I’ve more time to read books, personally socialize with friends, and pursue other activities outside of social media.

By April, I started my a month without no white rice intake diet and I can say that it was a success. I plan to continue doing it because it has empowered me that I can still get a full stomach even without white rice. Truth be told, I do miss it whenever I see others eating it or whenever I eat viand that is more delicious to go with white rice. Nonetheless, not eating white rice has not made me lose weight. In fact, my weight has gone up so I’m considering other options to go for if I really want to lose weight.

I still have to think about what I want to live without for the month of May though as I have a lot of options to choose from and I’m assessing my capability to forego these things. Good luck to me!


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