Cafe Visit: BarakoHaus Cebu

Are you looking for an affordable and comfortable coffee shop in Cebu City? Try BarakoHaus Cebu.

In one of our offsite session, a workmate recommended this place and their refillable Barako coffee got me. BarakoHaus’ coffee starts as low as Php80.00 refillable and can be served iced or hot. They also offer other coffees made from Barako beans, food meals (that I have yet to taste), and pastries. The place is comfortable and suitable for business meetings, studying, reading, and talking. Attendants are also quick on their feet if you need something like a refill or service water or additional order. If you need Internet connection, they also offer free Internet for up to an hour or two (I forgot the exact time limit, my bad). The toilet is also kept clean so you really will want to stay long in this place.

Coffee need not be expensive, so go on and give them a visit and experience authentic Barako coffee.

IMG_20160229_131243 (1)

BarakoHaus Cebu is located at Maria Cristina corner Juana Osmena Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City (7am-10pm) and also like them on Facebook: BarakoHaus Cebu.

Note: Pardon my limited picture, I find it awkward to take pictures inside because I want to experience the place without them knowing I went there to blog.


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