A Month of Without…


I’ve long been inspired by this blog on living without project and although I’ve started playing with this thought ever since but I’ve never had the chance to take it on the next level til now. This month, I’m embarking on a personal project of getting rid of something specific for a month. I will be documenting it and sharing my experience to motivate me. I actually started this project last January but I had no focus and had more than one goal so it wasn’t 100% successful. The only goal I’ve accomplished (and still ongoing) is to avoid drinking soft drinks (Yay!).

This March, I will be focusing on one goal which is to give up Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to curb my addiction to it. I’ve mentioned in my previous posts that I’ve been hooked to a Filipino drama and I’ve heavily relied on those platforms to support my craziness. Thus, I wanted to challenge myself if living without these three will help me be more productive and live more of my life outside off it. I’ve already deleted these apps on my smartphone but I did not totally deactivated it as this blog post will automatically be posted on my Twitter account. The objective is more of me not using it or accessing it manually.

By month end, I’ll be sharing with you my progress so far with this activity and I do hope that you will wish me luck on this endeavor. As early as now, I’m having a hard time dealing with this loss because my mind and hands will automatically look for it on my phone. Again, good luck to me. 🙂



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