Book Review: Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls


I had high expectation about this book because I heard good feedback about the author from some workmates and also from the Internet. So one day I decided to buy the paperback of his work and I chose this because I love owls. I was reading the first story about his dad inside the bank and I must look crazy to other people because I was trying to hold my laugh so it ended sounding like a snort. This book has lots of dry humor take it from Sedaris’s observant nature. Sometimes I wish I was like him because I envy his well traveled life and he actually has a special visa granting him indefinite stay in Europe and UK because of his work as an author. How cool is that, eh?

After reading this book, I’ve learned a few various things like the other meaning of “shout” in Australia, the use of propofol (a sedative that killed Michael Jackson) on colonoscopy will leave you high, and the owning of owls is illegal in US, UK, and Europe. I did enjoy this book but there are also other stories that I don’t understand. My favorite story is “Understanding Understanding Owls” because aside from the owl part, I foundΒ his encounter with the taxidermist creepy and his reaction was epic.

Sedaris way of writing is informal and he’s like talking in front of you like a good friend who’s having a drink with you. I recommend this book for anyone who prefers a light and funny read.


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