Film Review: The Martian (2015)

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The Martian film is an epic story about Mark Watney, an astronaut who was left behind in Mars as he was presumed dead by his crew. The Hermes team had to abort the mission to avoid a deadly storm and Watney was unfortunately hit by a flying object that made him lose consciousness and contact with his departing team. After the storm, his ordeal to survive begins with limited resources, four years to wait for the next mission, and only himself as a company.

I read the book a year ago and I just saw the film yesterday and again it left me blown away. If I have more than two thumbs, I’d give this movie a five thumbs up. It has given justice to the book and some of the script lines used were taken from the book like the line below:

“They say once you grow crops somewhere, you have officially ‘colonised’ it. So technically, I colonised Mars.
In your face, Neil Armstrong!”

Let me just inform you that I will not be comparing the book and the film because I’m past that stage of films-not-being-loyal-to-the-book. I’m here as a viewer and critic of the film. Also I’m no science geek so I am in no position to validate the accuracy of the film although I can cite some references for you to check.

What I love about the film:

  • The cast and director
  • The visuals
  • The script

I love that Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain were included in the cast. If you check on the list of cast, the film is pretty star studded and don’t forget Ridley Scott as director. If you’ve seen the film, I’m pretty sure you were also blown away by the visuals in the film such as Mars landscape, NASA technologies used (like the Hab, landrover,Hermes, etc) and also the floating scenes.

The movie is really believable except that gravity seems not to be working in Mars. I watched Mark dig Martian soil so he can use it to plant potatoes and it doesn’t look like his having a hard time doing it. Also, I don’t see two moons at night time in Mars. I also expected that Venkat Kapoor will be an Indian actor and Mindy Park will be played by a Korean actress.

The ending was good although it wasn’t in the book but it gives a definite resolution to Mark Watney’s life. He is still a Martian, in all sense he has a right to that title until somebody else will decrown him.

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