3 Reasons Why Books are Perfect Gifts for Kids

Source:ย Babyoye.Files.Wordpress.com

I recently gave two of my godchildren age two and five some storybooks I bought from a local bookstore last Christmas and I’m happy to get a positive feedback from them. I don’t usually give books unless requested by the parents. Normally, I’d rather give the kid a shirt, toy, or money instead of books. After that experience of giving book, I felt a sense of responsibility that books are way better than those shirts that they will outgrew, or the toy that they will come to forget, and the money that they don’t even know how to use (and will most likely be used by the parents).

The next time that you are considering a gift for a toddler in the future, let me share with you three reasons why kids (and I hope the parents too) will appreciate books as gifts:

  • It improves vocabulary of the kids.ย 
  • It improves mental acumen.
  • It exposes them to the joys of reading.

There are endless possibilities on how books can positively impact kids so think twice and consider books as gifts to your kids, niece and nephew, and godchildren. I personally prefer Ronald Dahl books or EB White’s Charlotte’s Web or CS Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia for starters. For more book gift options, you can consider this GoodReads’ list.



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