Film Review: Heneral Luna (2015)


This movie was highly recommended by my social media friends and so I became interested to watch this movie and judge it for myself. I initially wanted to watch the first schedule available in my area however, I was dismayed to know that it will be shown late in the afternoon which wasn’t favorable to me. I tried to check on another cinema but it was the same. Good thing I was able to watch it the following day with its first schedule (while waiting for an event).

I went to watch the movie without any expectation because I don’t want to be disappointed with false hype. However, the movie totally blew me away and it made me evaluate myself how I am faring as a Filipino. I left the cinema filled with awe, distraught, and shame because as a Filipino, I’m not proud to be one. Heneral Luna was a mad man but he was the best general that could have led the Filipinos to independence against the Americans. It’s a shame that his plans never happened. It’s such a shame that he was condemned and killed. He was a great man. A man whose only goal is to attain freedom from Americans.

General Antonio Luna is not your ordinary Filipino hero because he was hated by many because of his acidic character. But one value you cannot take away from him is his dedication and passion to serve the country. My knowledge with Antonio Luna is limited. He was a passing character in my history books and classes.ย I only knew him as the brother of Juan Luna, the great Filipino artist and also a contributor for La Solidaridad (a propaganda movement newsletter). As a warfare general, I never expected that he was the cream of the crop and a master tactician. In the movie, Jerrold Tarog (director, editor, musical scorer,etc) portrayed Luna as an imperfect hero. He was manipulative (he quoted Article 1 in the Philippine constitution to instill fear to his subordinates and made them follow him), hardheaded, and bipolar. Many were afraid of him and many hated him as well.

I don’t want to spoil your movie experience but I do encourage you to please watch this movie right now. A Php200.00 movie ticket will go a long way to support the makers of this film and also to change the movie industry. Heneral Luna is a game changer and I would love to watch it all over again. I just hope that many filmmakers will be inspired to create more movies like this.


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