Cafe Visit: Cat Cafe in Cebu

To be honest, I’m a dog person and I don’t like cats. My dislike for cats stream from being surrounded with stray cats at home. Those cats were like a pest for me because after meals they flock at the back of our home awaiting for leftover food to be shared to them or they would also invite themselves in and get our food either from the kitchen or dining table. My hate for their ugliness also seep into me like a drug so I could not tolerate their presence and I would often whisked them away or curse them to die. Pardon my rudeness to cats, I just don’t like them. Promise though, I’ve never been brutal to them.

However, these thoughts were changed when I got to visit Cat Cafe. Their cats were so fat and lazy. Like the picture below.

Cat Cafe_02

Cat Cafe_01

I wanted to steal these cats and bring them home.

It was really my intention to visit this cafe ever since my friend told me about this interesting place where it’s filled with fluffy and tame cats. So off I went together with a friend to investigate the place.

True enough, the cats here are tame and don’t move too much. They are uber lazy. One cat was sleeping and wouldn’t move even when a customer tried to pet him. I don’t have much picture though (I dislike taking pictures as well) but the place was really cozy and conducive for reading and studying.

My friend and I only tried the cucumber lemon shake and it was indeed yummy for only Php85.00. We were both full so we didn’t order snacks. If I have another time to spend in this place, I’d be more than willing to try some of their goodies. We left within an hour of drinking and talking because we already felt the effect of the cat’s smell to our sensitive noses.

If you want some place to study, I highly suggest this place.

To know more about Cat Cafe in Cebu, please visit their Official Facebook Page.

Beside Villa Fatima Subdivision, Guadalupe
Guadalupe, Cebu City, Philippines
Landline no. (032) 416 0393 Mobile no. 09155822968
Open everyday from 12:00PM – 10:00PM


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