August 2015 Books Read Summary

It’s now the beginning of the BER months! Let’s kick it off with September and here in the Philippines it’s the start of the Christmas season. Colorful and festive Christmas decors will now adorn malls and Jingle Bell songs will now be on repeat play. It makes me feel weary because I’m getting older and also I don’t have enough money to splurge for gifts. I already stopped giving gifts for two years now. I’m not a Grinch but I certainly can’t afford that kind of lifestyle for now.

I’m currently obsessed with a television series aired just this August in my country, On the Wings of Love about two strangers who wed for the sake of fulfilling the girl’s American Dream. The story may sound cliche, Korean-like, but the implementation is great. Plus, I like the tandem of the two leads. If you find my Twitter running amok with feeds related to the show, now you know. It’s just temporary, I’m planning to create a separate account for that to avoid any spams and also not to relate my blog with such triviality.

Coming up soon on this blog is my plan for a healthy lifestyle section because I’m also enjoying my experimental cooking sessions using vegetables, meat substitutes, and such. Just to let you know my BMI (Body Mass Index) is bordering to obese and I’m putting some effort into this initiative although I oftentimes fail myself. I just want readers to be more health conscious and I want to share some knowledge I’ve gathered from immersing myself into thisย kind of lifestyle which I hopefully want to sustain in the long run (once my resources and discipline will allow me to).

On to the main topic, below are the list of books I’ve read for this August. I’ve read less than what I’ve expected because of distraction and procrastination. Right now, I cannot promise if I can keep up with the number of books that I need to review. It would be more realistic to say that from now on my reviews will be limited to a few titles only.

A Chance in the World
Nonfiction, Autobiography
The Crossroads of Should and Must
Nonfiction, Self-help
All the Bright Places
Fiction, Young Adult
The Elephant Vanishes
Fiction, Short Story, Anthology
52 Cups of Coffee
Nonfiction, Inspirational

Disclaimer: All book covers used in this blog are taken from Google Images search results.

All the best for September 2015! Wohoo!


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