An Open Letter to Neil Gaiman


Wikimedia Commons | Pinguino K
Wikimedia Commons | Pinguino K

Dear Neil Gaiman,

I just need to say this to you – YOU ARE GRAND!!!!! I have unutterable respect for your writings. It started with American Gods. I was reading it while taking a six-hour travel on a bus in a third world country with bumpy and uneven roads. The long travel, humps, and stops did not matter because your book transported me to another world where I fantasized myself as Shadow.

I craved for more of your books. I just want to apologize that I haven’t bought your books brand new. I even got some of those for free from the Internet. Piracy is bad but reading is supposed to be free, isn’t it? Don’t worry, I plan to buy your books as soon as I have the money to spare. This is just temporary. Putting that aside, I devoured many of your books – Stardust, Neverwhere, Coraline, Ocean at the End of the Lane, and more.

Whenever I visited bookstores and I sawย your book on the shelf, I always feel the need to stop and gaze at your name. ย Don’t be scared, I’m not an obsessed fan or a stalker. I’m just privileged to have read your works. It amazes me how you can think and write such cleverly imaginative stories forย children and adults.

I hope you will not tire out from writing stories and I wish that American Gods will have a sequel. I plan to reread it and immersed myself in Shadow’s character. Thank you for sharing your gift and I really hope that I can meet you before I die. Perhaps in my dream wherein you have created a character just like me.

If ever you read this letter, please come over to the Philippines. I will certainly be present in your fan signing event.




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