Cafe Visit: Artsy Cafe

A chance visit in Quezon City led me to this cafe to catch up with some high school friends who are now working in Metro Manila. Artsy Cafe (Open Mon-Sun 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM), located in Maginhawa St., Diliman, Quezon City is a dainty cafe filled with a homey aura, perfect for idle time with friends. This is where art meets nature. Upon entering the cafe, hanging herbs and plants align the left corner of the veranda and rusted red bricks at the right. Wooden chairs and tables accentuate the greenery corner while colorful string design chairs and tables brighten the red brick wall.

Artsy Cafe Veranda (Left Corner)
Artsy Cafe Veranda (Right Corner)

Since we stayed most of the time outside and the place was filled with people, I suddenly went shy and decided to forego taking pictures. Damn. Now I felt the lost opportunity because it may take some time for me to go back and visit. The ice cold coffee that I ordered was served in this mason jar with a handle and it was good for only Php 120.00.

The container after I slurped all the iced coffee.

Me and my friends had to leave Artsy Cafe to visit UP Diliman and eat the famous “isaw” (animal intestines). Adieu for now Artsy Cafe, I had fun even for just a short moment.

Cash box for payment

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