Book Review: Maybe (Maybe Not)


The best feeling in the world comes when you start feeling good again after you’ve been feeling awful

Robert Fulghum’s collection of essays revolves on the mundane. He talks about life in a cleverly and wittily. The essays will leave a mark in you or will impress some form of message. His form of writing and choice of words are simple so it’s not hard to read this book and finish it.

One essay that I can’t forget in this book involves a father and daughter tandem. The father trying to get her daughter all chocolates to raise funds and the daughter without any selling prowess and feeling the pressure of his father. Well they succeeded in selling all chocolates but at the expense of the father’s reputation.

I highly suggest this book to anyone who enjoys a feel good book with lots of humor in it. Be warned though that you may look like an idiot laughing by yourself.


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