Film Review: Predestination (2014)


Predestination (2014) is a film loosely based from Robert Heinlein’s short story “All You Zombies”. I read the short story prior to watching this movie for the purpose of knowing the book before the film. I love the film, the characters, and the way the sequence of events was chronologically shown. Although reading the story killed the suspense in the film, I still enjoyed watching it because the Fizzle Bomber was given life unlike in the book wherein the Fizzle bomber was just a passing character.

I love that the film used dialogues from the book and created a story around the mysteryย of the Fizzle Bomber’s character and also how the ending provides clarity to viewers. It is also apt that this film was titled Predestination knowing that the events were already setup by an unknown factor. The film can be mind boggling and will really make you think about the question of which comes first – the egg or the chicken? A question that has been debated by a lot of people and can only be answered depending on which perspective your looking at.

I highly recommend this movie and if you also want to read the book, I suggest you read it after watching this movie.


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