Film Review: Jodorowsky’s Dune


This is a documentary film of what could have been Dune’s epic retelling on the big screen. This is a perspective direct from a cult classic director, Alejandro Jodorowsky known for creating surrealist films such as The Holy Mountain. Jodorowsky dreamt of this big project together with Michael Seydoux, a film producer in the early 1970’s although at that time Jodorowsky has yet to read the book. His main goal at that time is for people to watch the show and experience being drugged by the movie without taking LSD and also to change the world of sci-fi. He finished the script and created a storyboard with Moebius who he met by chance. It took some time (around 2 years or more) for Jodorowsky to gather his team based on spirituality which I find interesting because according to him he was on a journey with his spiritual warriors.  The documentary itself is a very interesting of a project that could have been the film that will change the world if it was just given a chance. Although there are some aspects in the book that Jodorowsky admittedly change because the book and the film is different and according to him the film will be an optical approach. In as much as I want the movie to be faithful the book, I have surrendered myself to the reality that film adaptations will never  be faithful. However, I would love the director to be honest about it or explain why a certain scene has been changed. In my opinion, if Jodorowsky’s Dune was given the financial support it needed it could have been an epic movie. A movie that may have surpassed that of Star Wars or any other sci-fi. It could have been a foundation for sci-fi movies. Although there were also a lot of factors to think of during that time aside from the movies length. Even if the movie did not come to materialize, the years set to create a book that will serve as basis for the film is still intact and can serve as a useful resource when the time comes for another brave soul to undertake this epic project. Jodorowsky’s Dune may be a failure but it did not deter him from reaching his ambition. So he focused himself on comics and books and came back to create a film after 23 years. He is one heck of a guy I would love to meet because of his strong personality, animated expression, and straight-laced answers. I leave you with a quote from Alejandro Jodorowsky “For me to fail is only to change the way”.


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