2015 Reading Goals

I aim to read 60 books this year 2015 or more. I tried to achieve this last year but I failed because of factors like idleness and sleepiness. This year will be different though because I am internally motivating myself to catch up on my reading since I’m not getting any younger and I find myself a late bloomer when it comes to reading (even in life. Heh.)

Aside from reading I desire to embark in a journey ofย  sharing the joys of reading to other people through this blog and with a project that me and my friends will be working on. I know it will happen but it will be taken one step at a time.

Also, I’m thinking of working on my own story which I’ve always dreamt of since I was a child. Conceptualization is still in progress (specifically embedded in my thoughts) but the framework should be there soon.

Lastly, my personal library at home will be on its way. I haven’t started the project yet but I’m positive that before this year ends it will be erected.

Enough blabber, I welcome you to my blog filled with books, coffee, and literature. I hope you will enjoy different types of banter here and find love through books.

Cheers to books and beyond!


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